The Legend of the Bear

Myths, Fairytales & Legends

The Tyrol is a land of myths, fairytales and legends and there is also a legend about our place.

The Legend of the Bathing Bear

“Many hundred years ago, numerous wild animals such as wolves and bears lived in the dense forests of Oberberg. Back then often nobility from Innsbruck came to the area to hunt. Once it happened that a hunter injured a big bear at its forefoot. Although the animal limped, the hunter could not catch up with it. On the next day the hunter saw the bear again. It was sitting at a spring and bathed its injured forefoot. The hunter killed the bear. To his astonishment he found that the wound had almost completely healed.  He had the water examined and it showed to have healing properties. At this place a spa was built which got the name BÄRENBAD.